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Full-Service Marketing Agency Partnership

For Brand Owners, by Brand Owners

What We Do Best

TikStir operates as a performance-based marketing partnership that utilizes TikTok Advertising to help business owners large and small reach astronomic success at every stage of their brand’s life.

Our Expertise

Lead by expert eCommerce brand owners and seasoned digital marketers, TikStir boasts years of experience handling 6 and 7-figure advertising accounts earning multi-millions in revenue by the month. Across countless industries, our lead media buyers and marketing managers hold an intimate working knowledge of how to efficiently reach TikTok’s hyper-specific audiences, walking them straight through your sales funnel.

Our Process

Your Brand

We only take on clients that show potential for massive growth, so submit your brand details for review and if we’re confident we can help, we’ll reach out!

Connect with Account Manager

Once accepted, you will be connected with an Account Manager that will act as your team’s POC through every step of the process.

Review Curated Roadmap

Your Account Manager will present our customized roadmap for your brand’s growth and loop you into our multi-function access platform where you can track our progress and communicate with the entire team in real time.

& Scale

Armed with collaborative and informed creatives, our media team will begin implementing paid and organic campaigns at an accelerated rate to take the most advantage of your potential in the quickest time span.

Why use TikTok?

Why use TikTok?

While 41% of users fall between the ages of 16-24 the other 59% is an older audience, reaching all the way to the Baby Boomers! But the best part is, every single userviews a FYP that is uniquely outfitted to their interests, allowing advertisers to reach an insane range of micro-niches proven to fit your brand.
The average CPM for a conversion campaign on TikTok lands between $2 and $3, while Facebook costs can be up to 20x more expensive! From our experience, TikTok ads are able to generate 155% more clicks while spending 36% less money than Facebook.
Across the app, TikTok averages an organic reach of 118% for brands, compared to a maximum of 5.2% for the lucky few “succeeding” on Facebook. It’s not uncommon for our organic posting procedures to bring in millions of free views, AKA customers!
The average TikTok user spends 89 minutes scrolling through their FYP every single day, as opposed to Instagram’s approximate 30 minutes. This is thanks to the hyper-specific, data collecting machine that is their FYP Algorithm, providing a micro-targeting goldmine for advertisers.

Us vs Them

We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is, with an entirely performance-based cost structure. We’re not taking a percentage of your ad-spend, or even charging a monthly retainer fee like every other marketing agency. We aren’t offering a limited, one-off service with unsustainable results. We’re presenting you with a partnership opportunity, meaning, we don’t win unless we’re doing it together.

We bring you the results, then we get paid—just the way it should be.

As experts putting real skin in the game, we have chosen to dedicate our efforts solely to the brands with true, explosive potential. If you’ve been offered a TikStir partnership, it’s because we are more than confident in our ability to not only scale your brand to astronomical heights, but prepare you and your business for the exit of a lifetime.

We do not originate from other marketing, or even media buying jobs… We are real business owners. From eComm to digital coaching and everything in between, the minds behind the curtain are bringing their years of expertise conceiving, operating, and scaling massive eCommerce brands. You can take a step back and watch your brand scale like clockwork because we’ve personally been in your shoes, time and time again.

If your website is suffering, even the best ads will never work. So, to ensure our efforts are having the maximum impact, we complete a thorough audit of your entire operation. From your brand image to distribution processes, customer service and product packaging, we’ll provide suggestions for optimizing everything our traffic will touch before ever spending a single dollar on advertising.

Case Study


Health & Wellness

Product Line

Single Product Store

In this order, we grew a brand new company to a 7-figure brand in less than a year…

Using our Organic Marketing Strategy, they went from…

$0.00 to $91,000 in less than 5 days, zero ad-spend

Using a Single Influencer Collaboration, they earned…

$246,000 in less than 3 weeks with a $1,500 collaboration fee

Using TikTok Paid Advertising, they grew monthly sales from…

$75,000 to over $500,000 within one month, earning a 3X ROAS